Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt


Pag+mul+mula+an (png.)

1) Disso a pakakitaan kadagiti mula;
2) Ambiente ti pannakasursuro;
3) Maysa nga espasio ti metaforiko a jardin a pakatagikuaan manen iti duogan nga adal ken pannakapasantak kadagiti baro a wagas ti panagammo;
4) Maysa a dap-ayan a nairamut kadagiti filosopia ken aramid dagiti Ilokano iti kontexto ti pagsasao ken kulturada iti uneg ken ruar ti Region iti Ilocos, iti Amianan a Filipinas, ken kadagiti komunidad nga Ilokano iti sibubukel a pagilian ken iti diaspora.

Pag+mul+mula+an (n.)

1) Place of Plants or Place of Planting;
2) A learning environment;
3) A metaphorical garden space where we reclaim ancestral knowledge and cultivate new ways of knowing;
4) A gathering space rooted in the philosophies and practices of the Ilokano people in the context of their language and culture within and outside the Ilocos Region, the Northern Philippines, and Ilokano communities throughout the country and in the diaspora.

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt (b. 1987, Phoenix, Arizona, United States) received her BA in German Studies from Lewis & Clark College in 2008. She is an interdisciplinary artist whose current work reflects on her studies of the Ilokano language and process of uncovering and relearning her Philippine ancestry. Through photography, textiles, video, and print, she explores how relationships to land/daga/‘āina manifest in diasporic communities and culture. She is currently a candidate for an MFA in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.

Entrance View of Pag+mul+mula+an
Installation view
Cushions & seating made from traditional Ilokano woven cloth, inabel, and repurposed vintage and found materials
The artist adding the final leaf layer to the collective weaving.
ManGoFreeMan’s niog/coconut leaf preparation workshop and hat-weaving demonstration.
Nanea Lum and participants in her kalo/gabi/taro harvesting demonstration.
Cushion details.
Kanen ni Namongan, Namongan’s food, an excerpt from the Biag ni Lam-ang epic poem, digital inkjet print on woven cotton, 2020.
A Good American Education, archival images of American schools in the Philippines c. 1900s from the Library of Congress, International Mission Photography Archive at the University of Southern California, and the Missouri Historical Society, archival inkjet prints, 2020
Detail of cushions stuffed with shredded paper from various University of Hawai’i offices.
Installation view looking into bamboo garden.
Bamboo bench
Pag+mul+mula+an zine (copies still available, please contact Rebecca to order)
Pag+mul+mula+an installation view

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